BBQ Wood Chips - In re-sealable 5+ Litre Tubs (Holding approx 1.5 to 2kg)

These are coarser than our smoking chips, up to around 'little finger' size and are for use on the BBQ to add a smokey flavour to all foods

Packed in our resealable 5+ Litre (approx. 1.1 Gallon / 9 pints) containers

Oak, Cherry, Apple and Hickory available

Used on the Bar-B-Q to flavour food - Simply sprinkle onto coals just before cooking the food or near the end of the cooking time - Can be pre-soaked in water for slower burning

BBQ Chips - Apple

APPLE flavour is more complex and denser than alder, yet it is still quite mild, being slightly sweet and fruity. Excellent for game birds, fish, beef, poultry and pork (especially ham)

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Price: £ 25.00