Smoky Jo's 'Smoking Food at Home' Book

The best guide to food smoking at home by our Guru 'Smoky Jo' who also runs our Food Smoking Courses. Covers both hot smoking and cold smoking using a wide variety of smokers/equipment.


  • Includes information on Curing ready for smoking
  • Includes using our Camerons Smokers
  • Also covers using Bradley Smokers
  • Lots of great recipes
  • The book is Getting great reviews in the pres
  • This popular guide remains essential reading for anybody wishing to smoke food, whether they be a professional chef or just an enthusiastic cook at home.
  • Complete beginners will find all they need to know presented in a simple step-by-step format, whilst even experienced smokers will find some useful information and tips.
  • The authors, Jo and Georgina, with their very wide and deep experience, are probably the most knowledgeable food smoking experts in the UK.
  • You only need to buy one guide to smoking your own food and this is it.

Price: £10.99