Bradley Cold Smoking Adaptor

The cold smoking adaptor can be used with all four models of Bradley Smoker that use smoke cabinets.

  • From inception Bradley Smokers have always produced first class results when cold smoking. Users have employed a variety of techniques to minimise the temperature inside the smoking cabinets and the best method has always been a keenly discussed topic on the Bradley Smoker Users Forum.
  • With the introduction of the Bradley Cold Smoke Adaptor, as an accessory to the Bradley product range, cold smoking has never been simpler! The Cold Smoke Adaptor has been designed to remove the smoke generator out of the smoke cabinet and feed the smoke through a flexible aluminium tube into the side of the cabinet . Because the bisquette heater no longer sits within the insulated smoking cabinet , the minimal amount of heat it produces is dissipated outwith the smoking cabinet which remains at or around the ambient temperature.
  • The Bradley Cold Smoke Adaptor is designed to enhance the low temperature performance of the four models of Bradley Smoker that are sold complete with cabinets. That is the Original, the Stainless Steel, and the two models of Bradley Digital smokers. A design feature of Bradley Smokers is the ability to completely remove the smoke generator apparatus from the smoking food cabinet . In this way the heat from the bisquette heater, the source of the smoke, dissipates outside of the insulated cabinet which experiences therefore, no significant rise in temperature. As shown above, the Cold Smoke Adaptor simply provides a neat solution for transferring the smoke when the smoke generator and cabinet are separated in this way.
  • The cabinet is positioned a couple of feet above the adaptor, and is connected to it by means of the flexible metal hose. Full instructions are included.

Price: £94.95



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