Grizzly Spit Campfire BBQ Rotisserie

Portable and motorized Grizzly Spit BBQ Rotisserie, for a party or bistro - roasted taste anytime, anywhere.
Rotisseries rotate food over a source of heat for a roasted smoky amazing flavour. With this Grizzly Spit Rotisserie, you can enjoy a feast on full of flavour rotisserie-cooked food whenever and wherever you want!
Perfect to throw a meal together or "catch of the day" when you are camping, fishing or hunting. Use over open fire, charcoal bed or barbeque grill

  • The Grizzly Spit Campfire BBQ Rotisserie is a portable rotisserie cooking system, it has been developed to cook up to an amazing 7KG of food.
  • Purposely designed for being used over an open fire when camping, but equally at home over a fire pit, BBQ or Brazier.
  • The Grizzly Spit runs on two D size batteries, it is designed to be used virtually anywhere. The BBQ Rotisserie system is supplied with:-
  • - Two Upright Poles that are pushed into the ground, grass or sand - on either side of the fire.
  • - A 90cm Crossbar Spit with Forks to lock the food into place
  • - High Quality Battery operated motor - runs for nearly 20 hours
  • - High Quality Canvas Storage Bag
  • - Full instructions
  • - 90cm Spit made from Steel
  • - 62cm high painted steel supports
  • The Spit Jack BBQ Rotisserie system can be used to great effect over Firepits or braziers, in addition to campfires. We also supply additional brackets for use to secure the uprights to the sides of the bars on firepits when being used on a patio or decking, this enables the Rotisserie to be supported safely without the need to push into the ground.
  • With an amazing capacity of 3 medium chickens or a complete leg of lamb or pork - this can literally feed an Army!
  • This is a must for camping, be the envy of the campsite, take it fishing or to the beach.
  • Additional Forks
  • These forks are a practical upgrade to those included with the SpitJack rotisseries. They provide an extra secure fastening of the meat to the spit and prevent slippage and uneven cooking. They are plated steel and have thumbscrews for easy tightening and release. These will also fit standard (up to 3/8" diameter) size spits.
  • Flat Rotisserie Grilling Basket
  • The flat rotisserie basket is designed to hold meats or vegetables that you are unable to place onto the spit - such as Chicken Wings, fish, Steaks or vegetables such as mushrooms and Potatoes.
  • Made of durable plated steel for stain-free maintenance and ease of cleaning.
  • Universal hardware fits spits up to 1/2" in diameter.
  • Measures an oversized W 18.75cm x L 35cm x H 5cm

Price: £58.75