Pocket Burger Press

The Burger Pocket Press®, Stuffed Burger Maker is a hamburger press like no other available here in the UK, it is a Burger Press that allows you to create your own Stuffed Burgers by easily adding your own ingredients between the meat patties making stuffed burgers - Brilliant and very tasty indeed. Your Burger becomes like a donut but with cheese or whatever you please stuffed inside! There are videos with directions on making a stuffed burger, cup burger, and the classic flat patty burger, in a variety of sizes. You can put all of your favorite burger ingredients like mushrooms, onions, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, jalepenos, olives and much more - along with any kind of cheese, inside your burger. The Burger Pocket press® Patent Pending design creates a flavor pocket ready to be stuffed full of your favorite burger toppings. The Burger Pocket Press® is made in America and really works!! When you make stuffed burgers they can be cooked right away on a BBQ or in the Kitchen or stored in the refrigerator for a few days & even freeze them for later use. Pre make your stuffed burgers with the stuffed burger press for picnics, sporting events, dinner, barbeques, the uses are endless!

  • Made of Food Grade ABS Plastic
  • Makes a 4 inch diameter 5.5 oz Pocket Burger (stuffed burger)
  • Makes a 4 inch diameter 3.5 oz Cup Burger
  • Makes a 4 inch diameter Flat Pattie from ¼" to ¾" thick
  • Very easy to clean by hand or dishwasher

Price: £17.30



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