Bradley Original Smoker


The Bradley Smoker is a unique smoke house sold complete with its accompanying smoke generator in which flavour bisquettes are burned for 20 minutes each so that the temperature does not fluctuate, thus eliminating the high temperature gases, acids and resins that can distort the flavour of smoked food. It is light enough to carry and is about the size of a small fridge. As featured in newly published Phil Vickery recipe book: The Great Outdoors Cookbook.

For years now, Bradley has created world-class smokers, and now we’re excited to show off the new Original Bradley Smoker BS611EU. The new Bradley Original Smoker comes with many new features:

New Stainless Steel Interior.

New Rack supports keep racks from tipping over when pulled out.

Heat control moved to Smoke Generator which will eliminate moisture damage to switch.

Improved Front Face Plate.

Improved Electronic components.

Extra-large front feet for added support and stability.

Generator has removable side panel for ease of cleaning and preventative maintenance.

This new electric smoker comes with 4 removable racks and our simple to use temperature controls, which provide a consistent and controlled smoke and temperature. This makes it easy for anyone to hot and/or cold smoke

  • The Bradley Smoker makes clean tasting food without any aftertaste. While other smokers need to be tended constantly, the Bradley Smoker automatically produces clean, cool smoke for up to 8 hours safely and without intervention. Additionally, using the independently controlled internal heating element the Bradley Smoker will also hot smoke, or may be used simply as a slow cooker or slow roasting oven. The low temperature cooking environment is perfect for any smoking project and the infra red heater source is also particularly well-suited for drying fruits.
  • Weight - 18.14 kg
  • Dimensions: 790 x 430 x 360 mm
  • Exterior Construction: Powder Epoxy Steel Interior Stainless Steel
  • Internal Cooking Area - 260 x 320 mm x 4 racks = 3328 sq cms
  • Internal Cooking Volume: 400 x 400 x 300 mm = 48000 cu cm (0.048 cum)
  • Internal Heater: 500 watt Power : 220 - 240 V 50 Hz , - 2.5 amps CE Approved Maximum
  • Temperature: Controllable Up To 160C. Minimum Temperature:Subject to ambient Thermometer
  • Adjustable Racks: 4
  • Gaurantee: 12 months
  • Includes User Guide & Recipe Booklet
  • If you have any questions please feel free to call me anytime on 01932 841171

Price: £389.95



Accessories / Supplies

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