Wood Chips Gourmet Selection Pack - 10 Pints - Save £5.50

Ten flavours: Alder, Apple, Ash, Bourbon Soaked Oak, Cherry, Beech, Hickory, Mesquite, Oak, Pecan - NB: Woods may vary according to availability 

  • Alder (USA/UK)
  • Apple (USA/UK)
  • Beech (UK)
  • Bourbon Soaked Oak (USA)
  • Cherry (USA/UK)
  • Hickory (USA)
  • Maple (USA)
  • Mesquite (USA)
  • Oak (USA/UK)
  • Pecan (USA)

Price: £39.50



ALDER Famous in the Pacific Northwest for smoking salmon, this mild wood is the chef's smoke of choice when looking to create a delicate smoky flavour with a hint of sweetness. Excellent with all fish, seafood, pork, poultry and light-meat game birds and vegetables. APPLE The flavour is more complex and denser than alder, yet it is still quite mild, being slightly sweet and fruity. Excellent for game birds, fish, beef, poultry and park (especially ham). ASH Burns quite fast to produce a light distinctive flavour that’s good with fish and red meats. BEECH Produces a medium flavour suitable for pork, ham and sausages. BOURBON SOAKED OAK Infuses gentle bourbon flavour. Great with ribs, brisket, and other red meats. Try some on your next venison smoked dish. CHERRY Creates a smoke that is rich, smooth, slightly sweet and fruity. It's a killer with Cornish game hens, duck breast, and for smoking vegetables as well as with all meats. Blend with oak for smoking turkey. CORN COBB This is the heart of the corn cob and it is processed into small granules. They are power packed with a slightly sweet robust flavour, and a little bit goes a long way. Mix a teaspoon with a tablespoon of apple or cherry when smoking chicken or turkey. HICKORY We're talking serious BBQ and the most popular smoking wood in the USA, good for all smoking. Ribs, pork, brisket and anything where a BBQ sauce is to be used, works well with this robust wood. Produces a strong bacon-like flavour. OAK Widely used in commercial smoking, oak is wonderful with sausages and blended with cherry for smoking turkey. This popular wood is the most commonly used for smoking in the UK producing a heavy smoke flavour that is great for all red meat, heavy game and pork. PECAN A distinct flavour that adds a touch of magic to chicken and game birds. The flavour is similar to Hickory but not as strong so this is good with most meats. MAPLE Maybe it's because Autumn (Fall) brings memories of vivid orange maple trees dotting green fields of lazy dairy cows - you get the picture. Maple is great for smoking cheese. Produces a mild sweetish flavour that is great with pork, poultry small game birds, vegetables and cheese. MESQUITE Flavour of the Southwest, from smoked chicken tacos to smoked chilli-peppers. This has a very strong, earthy flavour so remember a little bit does it as overused it can turn foods bitter. Works well with most meats, especially beef, and most vegetables More flavours coming soon…