Camerons Stovetop Smoker: SORRY SOLD OUT


Great for fish, meat, poultry, game & cheese. The "original" Smoker-Cooker now fully redesigned for 2009. Hot smoke in minutes on your stove-top/hob (gas, electric or Aga) or any other heat source (BBQ, Gas Ring, Burner, etc.) Each Smoker comes with a 24 page recipe and instruction booklet a sample pot of wood chips. All stainless steel construction - Dishwasher Safe. As recommended on the NBC Today Show feature, 12-05-08: Great Gifts for Men. BEFORE ORDERING CHECK OUT THE SPECIAL OFFERS BELOW - GREAT VALUE PACKAGES FOR ALMOST NO MORE!

Induction Hobs: The smoker is compatible for use on an induction hob - we suggest you first use a Medium Low to Medium setting (3 to 4 out of 10)

  • Camerons Professional Smoking Products allow you to smoke foods of all types on your own stove
  • Smoke-cooking is a healthy way to infuse flavour without the use of fats, salts or oils and that means no added calories either
  • Allows you to hot-smoke food, a process that retains moisture and natural cooking flavours so foods don't dry out or get tough
  • Smoker also doubles as a steamer, so you really get two great cookers in one product
  • Works well with all meat, seafood, and poultry dishes and it transforms ordinary vegetables into delicious main courses
  • Larger items like turkeys or hams can be smoked as well by simply making an aluminium foil tent to cover the item when you cook it, instead of using the Smoker lid

Price: £99.50



Durable Stainless Steel Construction Fold-Away Handles never get hot No small parts to lose Components nest in base for easy storage Easy to clean with soap and water / Dishwasher Safe Assembled Size: Height 3"/76mm, Length 15"/380mm, Width 11"/280mm Weight 7.1 lbs/3.25 kg Use over any flame or electric heat source INDUCTION HOBS - Coking time may be considerably longer than indicated in our instructions and recipes. CAUTION - FLAT TOP STOVES / CERAMIC HOBS: Before using the Camerons Stovetop Smoker on a flat-top stove / ceramic hob, please refer to the manufacturers instruction manual - Some manufacturers indicate that problems may occur if the cooking utensil is larger than the element (eye)- Although this seems to be vary rare.

Accessories / Supplies

Recipe Collection - Huge Price Cut!£7.50ADD TO BASKET
Alder Wood Chips - Pint£4.50ADD TO BASKET
Oak Wood Chips - Pint£4.50ADD TO BASKET
Hickory Wood Chips - Pint£4.50ADD TO BASKET
Wood Chips Gourmet Selection Pack - 10 Pints - Save £5.50£39.50ADD TO BASKET
Pecan Wood Chips - Pint£4.50ADD TO BASKET
Bourbon Soaked Oak Wood Chips - Pint£4.50ADD TO BASKET
Ash Wood Chips£4.50ADD TO BASKET
Mesquite Wood Chips - Pint£4.50ADD TO BASKET
Beech Wood Chips £4.50ADD TO BASKET
Cherry Wood Chips - Pint£4.50ADD TO BASKET
Apple Wood Chips - Pint£4.50ADD TO BASKET

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