Using your Multi Roaster as a Stovetop Smoker

The Camerons Multi Roasters (Large & Mini) can also be used to smoke a wide variety of foods on your stovetop by adding wood chips layered with aluminium foil and here is how:

1. Remove the lid and the rack

2. Spray the interior of the roaster with virgin olive oil

3. Place 2-3 tablespoons of your preferred wood chip into a piece of foil which is approximately 10" x 10"

4. Fold the foil over and make an envelope covering the wood chips. The envelope will be approximately 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" square when you are done

5. Place the envelope into the centre of the lower portion of the roaster and press down firmly

6. Replace the rack

7. Place the item to be smoked on top of the rack and place the roaster on top of a single burner on your stovetop

8. Set the heat at medium and when you see the first wisps of smoke appear place the lid firmly on top of the roaster and start the timing

9. Using times indicated in the cooking guide, smoke and cook the item

10. Remove from heat source. Remove the lid, remove the item being smoked using the convenient handles on the rack, and remove the envelope using a pair of tongs as this still will be hot

11. Place the envelope in a sink and run cold water over it to make sure the wood chips are completely extinguished and then open and flush away down the garbage disposal. Replace the rack and the item being smoked and place in the oven at approximately 350 degrees F to brown and finish off

12. The product being smoked will absorb the smoke flavour in the first 40 minutes and the remainder of the time will be for the initial cooking. The final cooking should be done in the oven and the result will be a wonderfully smoky flavour - not overpowering the flavour of the item being smoked.