Instructions for the Easy to Use Cameron's Stovetop Smoker

Cameron's Smokers have been sold in the USA for over 25 years and remain highly popular for their simplicity of use and, with all parts being stainless steel, ease of cleaning in the dishwasher

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CAMERONS is a Registered Trade Mark of Cookequip Ltd

Use over any flame or electric heat source

CAUTION - FLAT TOP STOVES: Before using the Camerons Stovetop Smoker on a flat-top stove, refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Problems may occur if the cooking utensil is larger than the element (eye).

All parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

When using our smokers indoors we recommend the use of an extractor fan as there will be some leakage of smoke

Step 1

Place the wood chips in a small pile in the centre of the Smoker Base

Step 2

Place Drip Tray on top of wood chips inside the Smoker Base

Note: Spraying the Tray with non-stick vegetable spray or placing a sheet of aluminium foil for easier clean-up

Step 3

Place the Wire Rack on top of the Drip Tray then arrange the food to be hot-smoked on the Wire Rack

Note: Spraying the Rack with non-stick vegetable spray for easier clean-up

Step 4

Side the Lid closed and place the entire unit on the heat source.
Medium heat settings generally yield the best results


The Camerons Stovetop Smoker can be used in two different manners in the oven


1) One-Step Method – Oven Only:

a) Place an oven rack in the lowest possible position in your oven

b) Turn the oven up to approximately 500°F leaving the door all the way open.

c) Prepare the smoker as you would regularly for the stovetop.

d) When the lower element turns red hot place the smoker onto the lowest shelf. (For gas ovens no pre-heat is necessary.)

e) Close the oven door to the “Broil Position”. (Most ovens will lock in this position where the door is approximately 2”-5” open. If your oven does not do this, place the handle of a wooden spoon between the door and the frame to hold it open for the short time of smoking.)

f) Leave the oven door in this partially open “Broil Position” for about 10 - 15 minutes. This should allow the wood chips in the bottom of the unit to start the smoking process.

g) Now close the oven door completely and turn down to 325°F – 350°F.

 The smoking/cooking time should be calculated from the time you place the smoker in the oven. Follow the cooking guide for the appropriates times for your food product.


2) Two-Step Method - Stovetop and Oven:

a) Smoke on the stovetop for 10-15 minutes. (For larger items that might use the tent method please allow 25-40 minutes of smoking time depending on the size of the food product.)

b) Finish in a pre-heated 325°F – 350°F. The smoking/cooking time should be calculated from the time you place the smoker on the stovetop. Follow the cooking guide for the appropriate times for your food product.