Injectors for marinading and more

We have a budget flavour injector and a luxury one, both from Kitchen Craft plus a very robust model from Weston as well as our PolyScience Smoking Gun

These are great for adding flavour to all meats, game and poultry for the BBQ, Oven or Smoking - Please see instructions at foot of page

Flavour Injector / Syringe

Ideal to moisten and marinate meat by injecting liquids and marinades cleanly, quickly and deep into the meat and poultry

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Price: £ 4.99

Injection Method:
1. Insert the needle at many different angles using the same entry hole. Start with the needle deep and inject as you slowly pull the needle out. Stop injecting before needle reaches the surface.
2. For best results insert at multiple locations, following 1. above.
Care Instructions:
1. Disassemble after use and clean all parts thoroughly with warm soapy water. Take care to remove all residue from the needle injector holes.
2. Dry thoroughly before re-assembling for storage. We recommend that the needle is stored inside the injector chamber.