Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hot Smoking?

A: Cooking in a smokey atmosphere to give a very quick and tasty result (Unlike cold smoking which is curing in a smokey atmosphere - as used for the smoked salmon you buy in shops) - If you want to learn more why not attend a course with our Guru, Smoky Jo Hampson or buy her excellent new book covering all types of smoking: smoky-jos-smoking-food-at-home-book

Q: How do I use the Camerons Stovetop Smoker?

A: Click here for simple instructions and a link to our on-line video - You could also consider going on a smoking course - See item above

Q: What 'Tips' can you provide?

A: Please see our 'Tips & Techniques'

Q: How long does it take to smoke food?

A: From 4 minutes for Cheese, about 30 minutes for Fish or Chicken and up to 45 minutes for meats - Please see our 'Tips & Techniques' and see the section on Cooking Times

Q: Can I use the Smoker in an AGA or in the oven?

A: The smoker is designed to be used on a hob as direct heat is required under the wood chips to get them smouldering. AGA cooking is of course an art and the ovens do vary with age, fuel source, etc. so it is necessary to experiment. Some AGA users suggest getting the smoker going on the simmering plate first – just leaving a cm gap in the lid – and when wispy smoke starts to come out shut the lid and put it on the base of the roasting oven. Also see: Instructions here

Q: Can I use the Multi Roaster as a Stovetop Smoker?

A: Yes: See our 'Using the Multi Roaster as a Stovetop Smoker' page.

Q: Apart from wood chips, are there other things I can use for smoking food?

A: Yes, here is one example of a smoking mixture that can be prepared - Please send us yours to

Q: What flavours do the wood chips give to the meat?

A: Click here for our simple guide to wood chip flavours

Q: Which wood chips go best with which meat, fish, poultry and game?

A: See our guide to wood chip flavours

Q: Can I use my Wok as a smoker?

A: Yes - See our 'Tips & Techniques'

Q: Can I use your wood chips in my Wok?

A: Yes - See our 'Tips & Techniques'

Q: Can I use wood chips on my Bar-B-Q to flavour the food?

A: Yes, simply sprinkle some wood chips onto the hot coals just before cooking the food

Q: How do I use a Grilling Plank?

A: See 'using a Grilling Plank'

Q: How do I use a Baking Plank?

A: See 'using a Baking Plank'

Q: How do I convert between Fahrenheit and Centigrade?

A: See our handy temperature conversion chart and the formula

Q: How do I convert between ounces/pounds and grams/kilos?

A: See our handy weight conversion formulae

Q: How do I convert between imperial and metric measures of volume such as 'cups', 'fluid ounces', etc.?

A: See our handy volume conversion chart