meron's HOT Smokers, Wood Chips and more....
As soon as we saw these products and tasted the delicious smoked food cooked using them, on the stove, in the oven and on the BBQ, we just had to share our find with UK food lovers - More and more people are discovering new gourmet taste experiences using our products: We offer a UNIQUE range of Innovative Cookware: Stovetop Smokers for Home Food Smoking PLUS the UK's only Complete range of Wood Chip Flavours (NOW 12 Flavours), then there is our new WOODEN COOKWARE concept, plus the Chicken Beeroaster, Chilli Roaster and lots more besides...

It is no surpise that the Camerons range of Professional Smoking Products has proved very popular in the USA and since we made it available in the UK, exclusively through Cookequip Ltd, we have sold over 500 smokers in two years!!!

The products are manufactured by CM International Inc of Colorado USA, a well established supplier of high quality stainless steel cookware and accessories and the leading supplier of smoking products in the USA. Please browse our product range using our convenient on-line shop with secure credit card payment by NOCHEX or PayPal.

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If we can help in any way please contact our Help Line: Email or call Clive on 01932 841171 - We are a small family business and can be totally flexible so if you need anything out of the ordinary we will be only too happy to help


Recommended by Rebecca Seal on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch - 6th December 2015.

Recommended in the lovely book 'The Gentle Art of Prserving' by Katie Caldesi: Buy that here:

Camerons smoker and Bradley smoker listed by Phil Vickery in his new 'The Great Outdoors Cookbook' which contains Fabulous Recipes for outdoor cooking on the BBQ, Camerons Smoker, Bradley Smoker and Outdoor Ovens. 140 delicious dishes from famous TC Chef Phil Vickery.  Buy this book on our web site

Camerons smoker featured in 'The Preserving Book' by Lynda Brown / Dorling Kindersley

Mat Follas, 2009 Winner of BBC's Master Chef used the Camerons Gourmet Mini Smoker extensively in his menus and demonstrated it on ITV's This Morning Show Friday 27th Feb 2009.

Every series of BBC's Great British Menu, including the 2009 Banquet has feature our Stovetop Smoker and wood chips.  It has appeared a couple of times during the 2015 Master Chef - The Professionals too.

In January 2007, Our Cameron's Smoker was recommended by Moyra Fraser in her 'In A Stew' section of the Daily Telegraph Food & Drink section - See:
"Camerons L'il Smokey is a wonderful gadget, a collapsible stovetop and camping smoker that doubles up as a steamer."

Gordon Ramsay recommended the use of domestic stove-top smokers in an article published by The Times, where he said that the natural flavour of pretty much all foods can be improved by fragrant hardwood smoke.

BBC Good Food tested our Chicken Beeroaster and said "The Chicken Beeroaster was indeed tested by our cookery department who were impressed with the quality & durability”

The Camerons smoker was featured in 'The Sun' newspaper, Wednesday 26 May 2010.

Watch out for the Gourmet Mini Smoker on 'Britains Best Dish' - ITV, Autumn 2010.

Interesting BLOG from one of our team and You Tube make-up Tutorials


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"What wonderful customer service! Clive at cookequip couldn't have been more helpful. He helped me out with a last minute gift request - from first contact with Clive to my dad receiving his Cameron's smoker the very next day! Clive was even kind enough to mock up a gift note for me. I was blown away with such personal and efficient service, and would highly recommend.” Angie, Surrey.

"Just a short note to congratulate you on the first class service. Ordered yesterday morning, delivered this morning. You can't do better than that. I haven't even had time to think what I am going to smoke.” / Mr P. P., Ely Cambs

Thanks - What a great service! I shall have to buy more smokers from you! Or at least tell my friends about you... / Mrs H, Southampton

"The smoker cooked salmon perfectly - We loved it - It brings the outside inside" / Mr AW, Surrey

(The Smoker) "A smashing piece of kit especially for cooking the Trout I catch - My wife and I love it done with alder so send me a Gallon Tub" / Mr JWS, Leicester

(The Smoker) "It’s brilliant, absolutely super….. well designed and works very well" / Mr IP, Stroud

"Excellent service. super fast delivery. very professional. thank you, unfortunately a rarity today. will use you again." - Mrs SF, Copthorne

"Thank you for your rapid response, I look forward to trying the smoking chips." - Mr JH, Chef, Kent

(Cedar Oven Baking Plank) "The BEST & tastiest home-cooked steak I've ever had." - Mr TB, Norfolk.

"the Broaster is absolutely fantastic. I substituted beer for wine, and both times I have used it the chicken has been just as it says on the packet. Lovely and moist and incredibly delicious! The wine (with added seasonings) is easily turned into the most delicious gravy that even the kids enjoy (alcohol having evaporated on reduction!)” / Mrs SF, Storrington, West Sussex

"Thank you so much for your service" / Mr AL, Stoke on Trent, Staffs

"Many thanks for the recipe book, which arrived with our efficient postie today. There seems to be many interesting recipes and we look forward to trying them.

The smoker has proved very successful with our mackerel and we were able to produce our very own smoked mackerel pate for dinner guests." / Mrs SS, Oban, Scotland

"I agree with you that the baking plank cooks things really well" / Ms EAW, France

"We have used up all the Bourbon Soaked Oak Wood Chips and want another 6 Pints." / Mr IS & Mr GM, Bahrain

"Thanks for your fast response" / Mr LR, Scotland

"Just to say how delighted I am with my new smoker" / Mrs BB, Dorset

"You are absolutely wonderful - Hubby read the recipe book and thought it is brilliant" / Mrs JD, Surrey

"Camerons L'il Smokey is a wonderful gadget, a collapsible stovetop and camping smoker that doubles up as a steamer." / Moyra Fraser ('In A Stew' section of the Daily Telegraph Food & Drink section)

"The Baking Plank Brie recipe is to die for" / Mrs JS, Surrey

"I love the Baking Planks so much that I am buying 4 as Christmas Presents" / Mrs AW, Surrey

"The Wood Chips are ideal for our purposes" / Mr CH, Bristol

"I want 8 gallons of Hickory Wood Chips every 6 weeks" / M, (Chef), Kings Road, London

"The Chicken Beeroaster was indeed tested by our cookery department who were impressed with the quality & durability” / BBC Good Food Magazine

"Cookequip products making innovative cooking easy, As someone who likes to serve up delicious food with an original touch but hates spending time slaving in the kitchen, I can't speak highly enough of my two new cookequip products. My cedar baking plank helps me rustle up a delicious oven baked brie with pears and mango chutney in 5 minutes preparation time. This is my kind of cooking which left my guests impressed and me enough time to do the things I really enjoy!! The chicken beeroaster has been great for family Sunday dinners. The children love to see the chicken sitting on the broaster in the oven. Meanwhile the broaster filled with beer, wine or juice helps me serve up a deliciously moist chicken without the fat. I might have to try it with the Christmas bird!! Great ideas - great recipes PLUS The site is clear, easy to navigate and offers excellent products."

"The recipes are especially good: easy to follow *and* they give appetising results!
Refreshing change to cooking in our house!! We stumbled across this web site and we are so glad we did! After contacting Cookequip we were able to get some of the wood chips the next day. We tried 3 sorts, firstly Alder which was fantastic with fish, secondly Hickory that was excellent with chicken and then feeling slightly more adventurous, we got some Bourbon Soaked Oak flavour which we used on two occassions once with spare ribs and the second time on some Aberdeen Angus fillet steaks."

"The flavours achieved from these chips is nothing short of brilliant! Having tried them we will probably work our way through the entire range of flavours that is quite extensive, it just turns 'fairly mundane' meats and fish into a different eating experience."

"The sales staff at Cookequip Limited were helpful and efficient and new the product range very well, in addition they managed to sell me a cooking product called a chicken beer roaster. This thing works really well, simply fill the cylindrical vessel at the top of the stainless steel utensil with the liquid of your choice, insert the item into the back end of the chicken and plonk it in the oven Result:- Really moist chicken, full of flavour without all the grease and fat residue found with conventional chicken roasting! We have used this item twice so far, the first time as the product suggests we used beer and the second time my wife used a mixture of red wine with some orange juice, I have to say I thought it would be fairly sickly but it was not, beautifully moist meat with a real 'zing' to the flavour."

CAMERONS is a Registered Trade Mark of Cookequip Ltd


The Stone Age man discovered that smoke from a fire was more successful for the drying of fish and meat as it kept insects away, gave the food a better flavour and helped to keep it edible for a longer time.

Many years of travel, tasting and experimentation have given the Smoke Master the right to become the absolute authority in smoking. This journey started in the deep African bush, where he experienced food hung over hand made twine, strung between trees above a smouldering wood fire to infuse the taste of the wood and the salty flavor every palette craves. This method of smoking also was used to extend the edible life of the food.

In the coastal regions of Egypt and Asia where salt was first mined, this smoking method had progressed to pickling the food in a brine before smoking which extended it’s life without refrigeration. The Smoke Master experimented with other natural herbs to enrich the flavours of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables using smoke as the infusion method.

In South and Central America, there were chillies of all types, which enhanced the smoke flavour in the economical preparation of soups and stews.

In Japan and India, the Smoke Master found that the exotic spices available added before, during or after smoking food, helped to combine the natural flavour of the wood and the spice for an unparalleled taste.

Norwegian Smoked Salmon is known world-wide as one of the most delectable appetizers. It is considered the prize of all smoked fish not only because of it’s delicious taste but also because of it’s comparative scarcity and the skill that is required to smoke it. Connoisseurs also consider the best salmon to come from the Scottish Rivers Tay and Dee, as the fish have a more delicate flavour and soft oily texture which make them most suited to smoke infusion.

The first home smokers to be sold were manufactured in Norway, called Abu Smokers. They were heavy, long, narrow and quite deep to hold just one fish. The Camerons Smoker developed from this, still a good length, but wider and not as deep, so that all types of food could be easily smoked. The Smoke Master insisted on 18/10 stainless steel to keep the weight down, and for easy care and clean up after use.

With the different types of heat source that can be used for smoking – stovetop, barbecue gas or charcoal, single hotplate, campfire, Sterno (Gel/Chafing Fuel) or oven – the Smoke Master with his experience, has made it possible for anyone to create an incredible/unforgettable meal with the most complete flavours of wood mixed with herbs and spices to bring pleasure to your taste buds!

All flavour infusion using a Camerons Smoker is healthy as it reduces the amount of salt needed and increases the flavours suited to your taste – you are in control of how much wood, herbs and spice should be added and for the exact time allowed in cooking.

Combo Cooking is advised for many foods, so that the infused wood smoke flavour is not too intense – More is not better – More can turn bitter – two rounded tablespoons of the specially sized Camerons wood chips is the most that should be used. Start the food in the Smoker and then after 20 minutes when the wood chips are burned out, open it and place the whole smoker into the oven to finish the cooking, for browning and crisping the edges.

The Smoke Master has been extremely careful in selecting the actual size of wood chips that should be used for the different smokers and smoke boxes in order to create the best flavour infusion possible with the least amount of smoke escaping when the smoker is opened upon completion.

For stovetop smoking indoors (hot smoking) the wood chips have been ground very small so that they start to smoulder within one minute of being placed on a preheated stovetop set at a medium temperature. Two rounded tablespoons is the maximum that should be used for the strongest flavour and they should turn to ashes in twenty minutes. The flavour infusion will go on until the cooking time is complete, with the food steaming in it’s own juices. Upon opening the smoker, take care as hot steam will escape, but the wood flavour will have been absorbed, so there will be no smoke emitted.

For cold smoking/curing with the outdoor electric smoker the wood chips are a slightly larger – these need to be soaked in water for 20 minutes before being placed in the small pan over the electric element. This provides the steam needed to keep the food product moist, and allows the smoke to be more intense, also lasting for a longer time. This flavour infusion method can last for several hours to get the best taste, so the wood chip pan may have to be filled 3 or 4 times during the curing process. Some recipes call for bringing the food before curing. The Smoke Master has developed special brines to perfect this procedure for the different types of meat, fish or poultry.

With the new gas and charcoal barbeques, the BBQ woodchips are up to finger size to smoke for longer when put directly onto the charcoal, or in the Camerons BBQ Smoke Box above the gas burners. These can be soaked first for a more intense flavour, but it not always necessary. The BBQ Smoke Box has a lid with holes in it, and because of the sliding lid, the amount of smoke emitted can be controlled to achieve the best flavour.

There are times for celebration all over the world, and this is where the fist sized wood chunks are used. The Smoke Master has seen the Pig Roasts and Lambs on the spit which need these large chunks – Apple, Mesquite or Hickory bring out the best flavour for these large roasts, with Alder being the most sort after for fish cooked on the beach before the bonfire starts.

Food smoking needs a very delicate touch, as it should subtle with the right wood flavour infused to bring out the best taste for that particular type of food. If it is too strong, it will become bitter or taste burned. Mesquite wood flavour can turn bitter if too many wood chips are used – tone them down with a little Apple or Cherry. The Smoke Master has tested all types and sizes of wood, and brings you the best of them all, ground to the correct size for every type of food.


Cooking Out as a Benefit to Business

We are all used to the benefits of cooking outdoors on a personal level.  It provides an opportunity to enjoy fresh air while appreciating the tasty food items on offer.  Then of course there is the interaction aspect; people seem far more inclined to open up and engage around a barbeque or smoker than they do sitting around a dining room table.  Participation is also more likely; five minutes at a cook out and we all suddenly become the best cooks in the world.   So what would the benefits be to a business in owning, and using equipment for cooking out?

Hiring Out the Fun

You have decided to make best use of your acres of land and set up a campsite; so what facilities should you have? Living outdoors is one of those obvious occasions when cooking outdoors is a must.  The people arriving at your campsite, whether seasoned campers, or complete beginners, will want to make the most of the experience.  A good way to do this is to have the facility to hire outdoor cooking equipment; this will help your visitors to enjoy the experience of cooking and eating together, in the fresh air.  Why not take it a step further and use the equipment as an inducer of social activity.  Even when camping out most people relish the thought of a night off from meal making.  As a business why not don your aprons and attract quests with a cook out party.  It is a relatively inexpensive way of creating an amiable and lively atmosphere.  To add to the occasion why not come up with a few children’s games or have a face painting session.  Then of course there is the good old sing song to be had; and why not go a little North American and make some s’mores on the barbecue.  The pay back on purchasing cooking out equipment could be great as word of mouth tells of the good time to be had at your site.

Cooking Up a Good Team

You don’t have to have a campsite for purchasing outdoor cooking equipment to be a good idea.  How many times have people laughed at the ‘there’s no I in team’ cliché? Team building is an important part of making a business though.  It may sound obvious but an unhappy staff is most often a demotivated staff.  After long weeks of pulling together to make the business work a little gratitude from owners and management often goes a long way with employees.  For some firms, who are lucky enough to be able to afford it, this appreciation can come in the form of cash bonuses.  If you own a business, and are not in that fortunate position, purchasing some equipment for cooking out could be a winning idea.  You don’t have to go miles from the business to use it; this often precludes people with domestic responsibilities from taking part anyway.  A suitable location close by, that satisfies the health and safety tests, is the perfect environment for people to bond over something other than work.  Add a little fun competition to the mix with a quiz or some good old board games, and you have an event that is a little different, and more professional, than ‘let’s go for a drink after work’; all for the cost of some cooking out equipment, and a game of monopoly.

Cooking Up a Client

In business, client relationships are often vital to the on-going financial health of a company.  Many clients of major companies are used to being wined and dined at expensive establishments, but for something different, or for a less affluent business, why not purchase some cooking out equipment and use it when clients come around.  All parties are bound to appreciate the opportunity to interact in a more relaxed atmosphere.  As with any business purchases there are financial implications to purchasing equipment for cooking out, for whatever use.  It is not always easy to secure finance but there are various options available to obtain the required funds including both longer term and interim measures for financing.  It can be difficult to decide on what finance is required or where and how to invest business assets but financial advice, for businesses is available. 

Cooking Out – The Benefits

A relatively small investment on some items for cooking outdoors can have a large positive effect on a business.  Whether it is guests bonding with marshmallows around a guitar; employees interacting over steak and Snakes and Ladders; or a business client opening up with some cooked out smoked salmon, it may be worth spending some money to reap the rewards.